Turn your yard and community into an inviting oasis.
It's simple. Plant something.

Our Story

Plant Something is a marketing campaign designed to communicate the benefits of planting trees, plants, flowers, and vegetables to improve our communities and quality of life. By adopting the Plant Something philosophy, we can improve our homes, our communities, and our quality of life.

And who says money doesn't grow on trees? Have you seen what a beautiful yard can do for your property value? By adding a quality landscape to your home, you can boost the its resale value by up to 15%.  So don't just stand there. Plant something!

Turn your yard and community into an inviting oasis. Before you pour a tall cool one, try planting one. The right trees and plants will transform an ordinary space into a memorable experience.

Instead of blowing money on air conditioning, invest in some shade trees to cool and insulate your house and yard naturally. With the right plants surrounding your home, you can cut up to 25% off your energy bill.